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Blend #1 overall is an amazing product. There are no directions for use for this product. It is for ethnobotanical purposes only. Capsules are used for purposes of measurement and separation. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.

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Let’s take a look inside the amazing Blend #1 and explore it in more depth.

1. Kratom 5 Strain Blend.
Blend #1 contains White Maeng Da, Super Green Maylay, Elephant Kratom which is known for extremely high alkaloid content, White Bali, and Gold Borneo. This combination is going to compliment the overall goal of this blend.
2. Incarvillea Extract.
Incarvillea is a plant native to Asia and is probably single handedly the closest herb in terms of effect to kratom in the world. It’s an herb used in eastern medicine most commonly for intermittent pain. Incarvillea can be very strong and we wanted to make sure we dosed this right to keep it very effective and safe.
3. Ginseng.
Ginseng comes in many different forms and for this product being designed to produce energy, we decided to use Panax Ginseng. Panax Ginseng is commonly referred to as “True Ginseng” and is very effective at boosting mood, energy and cognition. The term ‘Panax’ is derived from the Greek words for ‘all-healing’ (not panacea actually, but ‘pan’ for all and ‘axos’ for cure). That is pretty exciting, since the main goal of using herbs is to help heal and enhance. For extreme effectiveness of this blend, we use a Panax Ginseng that is very high in ginsenosides. Ginsenosides are basically the active ingredients inside Panax Ginseng. Purity and potency is always put first.
4. Lotus Extract.
Blue lotus extract is becoming more and more popular and being used for several different things. The active alkaloids are being used for weight loss in same countries as well feelings of euphoria. For Blend #1, lotus extract is in here at a dose strictly to produce great euphoria. Lotus extract also has minor pain relieving properties to it. It’s a great compliment to Blend #1.

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60 – Capsules per bottle