Purple 8-in-1

From: $5.00

Kratom/Mitragyna Speciosa Blend of 4 Maeng Das (Red, White, Green, and Gold), Green Malay, Bali Gold, Red Bali and Elephant. Available in: 1oz, 250g and 1kg.


Our proprietary blend includes 8 different speciosa strains, including Red, White, Green, and Gold Maeng Da speciosa. We also blend in our famous Green Malay, Bali Gold, Red Bali and White Borneo to round out this speciosa recipe.

All of our Kratom is ethically harvested in a sustainable manner.
We have the finest Speciosa in the business and each batch is tested for quality control.

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1oz, 250g, 1kg

  1. jsbassist86

    Dan is the man, I ordered 250g of this and gold bali, and I ordered a 1oz sample of super green malay and he gave me 250g of the malay instead. This purp is amazing. And thank you dan for your passion for high quality and customer care. I got this in 3 days! This is my vendor

  2. Dooner (verified owner)

    I usually get Vietnam Yellow, so I ordered this for a change. It’s nice, good for my chronic pain and for sleeping.

  3. Walter K. (verified owner)

    Well balanced and long lasting. Especially good for long physical working days. Gets you going even when stampeding elephants won’t.

  4. April Whitlock

    One of my favorites. It’s just what I need to get things done and helps with my arthritis.

  5. goodkitty

    Tested 8-1 this evening and am pleased with its analgesic properties. Highly recommended! =)

  6. christian.livingston96

    Very calm and serene blend. Gaia the company gets 5 stars, this blend gets a 4 from me.

  7. steve (verified owner)

    This company ships super fast, high quality merchandise. This is my first time trying kratom. Came home after a 12 hour overnight shift, my back, wrist and feet pain is gone. I feel fantastic. I’m very impressed.

  8. Justin

    Amazing blend. Kinda covers all areas of kratom you would look for. Speedy shipment to my door, extras included in my order as well. Gaia rules!

  9. leahgallagly (verified owner)

    All you could ever ask for! Amazing blend. Very strong feelings of happiness and sense of well being!

  10. bill (verified owner)

    This is a mild mix, a little of everything but good for pain and some chill to boot.

  11. bill (verified owner)

    Good mild mix for some chill and some pain relief

  12. xoduckyzombie

    This is beyond expectations. Its everything you could possibly want from kratom. For me, it feels like a relaxing energy paired with pain relief. Its not gonna get any better than this. Treat yo self!

  13. Tyler B (verified owner)

    I have been taking kratom for awhile and i have tried a lot of different kinds but this is by far my favorite strain i have experienced!!! I am usually a white or green MG guy but this 8-1 gives me all day energy and upbeat vibes. 4-5 grams in the morning with coffee and the same at lunch. Not as much pain relief for me with this strain but all other aspects are top notch

  14. lilysfight

    This is my jam! I love this blend. Perfect balance so I can either get up ave get stuff done or chill and my back pain is gone.

  15. cbt738

    Makes me talk my coworkers ears off! It really helps my lower back pain and arthritis in my knees. Great product!!

  16. ianhague4822 (verified owner)

    This blend really hits the spot. Burned 2 teaspoons early in the day, expereinced solid euphoria and mild sedation. I honestly didn’t expect it to have such a profound effect as my tolerance is rather high, but blends seem to bring the magic back for me. Definitely try the Purple 8-1 if you’re having “same strain syndrome” or just looking for a new addition to your regular rotation of strains.

  17. Michael Medves (verified owner)

    Beat strain I’ve had. Well rounded but gets you going through a physical day.

  18. Jeremy Landi (verified owner)

    This is my go to blend, have been ordering from gaia for a while and the quality just cant be beat. Shipping at times has been slow but thats mainly due to the usps. Great product and service.

  19. Luke (verified owner)

    I usually get Red Maeng Da from my local Headshop and man is there a difference in quality. This Purple 8-1 blend is phenomenal, Burned my normal dose of 4.5 and I feel Amazing! The Smell, Price, and Experience is all top notch, Gaia will have a customer for life if they change the price of Chameleon Blend 27 to match Kratom Blend #7 since they are exactly the same.


    My order arrived today! I am in LOVE with this purple! I have debilitating injuries from an automobile accident and Fibromyalgia, I also have chronic fatigue… this blend covered all my needs! Very strong pain relieving benefits yet have a great deal of energy!! THANKS AGAIN GAIA FOR YET ANOTHER AMAZING PRODUCT! #GAIAROCKS 😁

  21. cheryllyonsschmidt (verified owner)

    I have had trouble sleeping for many years. No prescriptions helped. I’d lay awake all night, feeling every hour pass. I was a wreck during the day. This purple 8-in-1 is awesome for sleep. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s now in my regular rotation for bedtime kratom (along with red Bali and Red Borneo). Definitely recommend especially for evening/night.

  22. leather_blonde

    I’ve tried about a dozen of Gaia’s strains, and so far Purple is definitely one of my favorites, great energy yet very relaxing. Love it!

  23. david_number11 (verified owner)

    I liked this a lot, it can give you an energy boost in the morning (in smaller amounts) and with larger amounts its great for pain or to help you sleep. I enjoyed this mix a lot and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants qualities of white and red vein all in one, (maybe its comparable to a green?) Either way I highly recommend this Purple 8-in-1 to anyone wanting to buy a mixed kratom product!!!

  24. david_number11 (verified owner)

    I already left a comment here but I forgot to mention that upon request they gave me a sample of plantation white maeng da with this order so I can decide if I want to buy it next. Gaia is the best around!

  25. glucch5

    First let me Dan is awesome with us customers, he gets back to you quick and has alot of patience! I got a sample 1oz size of the 8 in1 and wow Ive tried all kinds for relaxing and sleep this stuff is awesome! I have Crps and arthritis of the spine and have had my hips replaced at 50 plus a shitload of anxiety! This has kept me mellow tonight and now Im ready to actually sleep! Gaia also has the best bang for your buck too! I will be ordering this in al least 250 grams next month! Thanks Dan thank you to everyone at Gaia you’ve made me a happy camper! Sleep good! I will! Bless you all!!!!😁❤

  26. Kelsey Digby

    I’ve got to say. I didn’t expect much from this because I’m not into the full spectrum type of blends. This was nothing like that at all. It was waves of energy, relaxation, euphoria and complete happiness. Good job on this blend.

  27. karenleaf222 (verified owner)

    First order I placed with Gaia. I HAD
    to check out the purple 8-in-1. And I’m
    SO glad I did. It’s awesome! Ordered on
    a Monday and received Wednesday. Two
    days from FL to NY. Ordering a kilo next week!

    Keep up the great work, Gaia!

  28. hed476 (verified owner)

    Great company. Answered my email very quick , quick shipment and great quality… this is my vendor.

  29. leewright67 (verified owner)

    I’m new to Gaia, but very impressed with them! The best prices anywhere & super fast shipping! I’m fairly new to kratom only just discovered it a little less than a year ago now, thru a friend i work with that has severe RA. He swears it helped his pain better than the prescribed meds from his doctors. So i figured can’t hurt to try as i have pain too from ddd, a herniated disc in my neck & a pinched nerve. And i’m sold on this stuff! Kratom is amazing! I’m a believer! It helps control my pain, gives me energy & i feel normal for a change at 51! And no need for prescription pain killers! Normally i like Bali but after reading everyone’s reviews on this 8-n-1, i had to try it out 🙂 Am pleased! Very good product! Thanks!

  30. Hessejoffman (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic blend. Really covers all the bases. Will be ordering this regularly.

  31. linzifirefly66 (verified owner)

    I have ordered three strains so far. I tried the Green Dragon the Plantation White MD and the Purple 8 in 1…i have liked different aspects of all three strains but the 8 in 1 is just flat out the best kratom I have ever tried. I have taken nothing but this since it arrived and just ordered twice as much and can’t wait until it arrives again. It is THE perfect amount of everything. Energizing, euphoric, pain relief and sleep (when taken in a larger dose or beings to wear off). I can take it any time of day and it’s perfect. In LOVE with this strain. You will not regret this one guys I garuntee it!!!

  32. Kindra gilbert

    Love this blend. Taking for a week now. And I must say I feel great. I feel focused, with slight energy but am relaxed from stress and anxiety. I will be purchasing more of this in the future.

  33. Iglecias64 (verified owner)

    The purple 8-1, I can say to date is the best I’ve tried, I got crazy energy, good mood and motivated took 6g am and then at 330p. and about 5 hours later a great mellow feeling set in just perfect for night time.. only got a sampler so just out in an order, i do not wanna run outta this stuff.. Thank you Dan…

  34. Joseph A Victors

    It’s a very energetic and uplifting mix while also helping you relax. I enjoy 8:1 as a morning or mid day strain as it tends to be energetic and mood lifting at first, before gradually giving way to increased relaxation.

    This is my go to strain for daytime as the reds blended in take the edge off the more stimulating whites which can make me jittery when taken alone. This and the Ganesh MD are my two favorite blends.

  35. brandon

    I ordered the 5 one ounce sample pack I have yet to sample everything yet however I love this blend it was absolutely amazing I felt great and had a decent amount of energy not to much while being very relaxed. I do have one question in regards to the blend itself I notice the description had white borneo when I click down as on of the 8 but when I look directly under the price it has elephant instead. either way amazing blend. 5+ stars for sure and the price is amazing as well. so far everything has been amazing fast delivery and best products I have found so far.!!!

  36. wrs1676

    Love it! So glad to have found Gaia. The Strain is a great compilation of some of the greats. A nice balance of energy, pain relief and relaxation! I highly recommend this train to anybody.

  37. Ashley (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! The best I’ve ever had.

  38. colingreye822

    Great quality product that won’t break the bank. Great for pain relief and really helps with my anxiety too! Also it’s much easier on the stomach than I expected!

  39. camelion420 (verified owner)

    I really like this blend, makes me really happy, relaxed and ready for the day. Perfect Friday kratom, going to try it out again this Monday also.

  40. Billy T

    I’m truly amazed with your quality and shipping. I was ordering from some clowns on another site, jacked up shipping and always a hassle about getting it when they said plus I paid for speedy deleivery always delayed by some excuse. Thank you so much for good service.

  41. LEAH (verified owner)

    One of my favorites! I rotate often and this has been my go-to strain for the past month when I can’t decide what I want to do next… It never lets me down!

  42. Shelby Quino

    Definitely my go-to strain when buying Kratom – and believe me, I’ve tried a large variety until finding this one. Unless it’s out of stock, I always opt to order the purple 8-in-1 by the kilogram at least every other month, sometimes every month.

  43. gingerrae79 (verified owner)

    I was convinced I could not find a vendor outside the one I have been using for years, till I found Gaia. I would try other vendors but their product did nothing for me, or worse, made me feel worse than before. So much money lost. Then a friend sent me a sample, bc I was NOT putting out more money, you know? She sent the red dragon and it was awesome, so I came and placed a small order, still wary. But my oh my… I have a new vendor now! My fave is this 8-in-1, it is AWESOME!!! I battle depression and anxiety and the way this helps me… I can’t hardly put it into words. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you Gaia, for this OUTSTANDING blend!!! <3 <3 <3

  44. Kathy (verified owner)

    Purple is just plain fantastic. I stopped using it for awhile to try other strains and let me tell you l tried it again and its really good for relaxing without drowsiness. I mix it with Bali Gold and that’s terrific too especially if you’re congested. Keep the purple in stock..you can’t go wrong.

  45. armynursebritt

    I love this blend!! Out of all the different types of kratom I’ve tried, this one has been the only one to help my pain! HOWEVER, it took over 8 days to receive my order. So i guess if you live in the Midwest, plan on waiting a long time. Quite disappointing…

  46. Lynn

    This is one of the first blends I tried with my first order and it’s great!
    It’s a mellow, yet moderate energy for me and I feel balanced in every way!
    I will definitely be reordering this one because it’s a unique blend that covers it all.

  47. ufclovinchic

    Love this blend…..as do most people who try it. GAIA. PURPLE. SUPERB. (I take primarily for pain and anxiety. 3 year Kratom user.)

  48. Bill Fry (verified owner)

    This is my go to Kratom when I’m in pain but don’t want to be very sedative. Very nice mood lifting and sense of well being. I’m very glad I gave this a try, it’s in my rotation now!!

  49. heartbeat2145 (verified owner)

    Fabulous; thank you so much!

  50. matt.b.fredrick (verified owner)

    Got an ounce of this to test out with my order. Quickly becoming one of my favorites, great for a long day on the job. Can’t say enough good things about the customer serviced either. It’s unreal. Thanks!

  51. Chojnacki (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great product, very fresh and potent. I will definitely be ordering again. Found my new go to Kratom company.

  52. Lorri

    This is by far best company to order from!! Love all the products want to try diamond next after reading reviews !!!

  53. darrell.ipoh (verified owner)

    wow and yes please! this is a great blend. i added it with a little bit of 50x and pow the aroma was most pleasant. obviously dan is clearly the man, best customer service u can ask for. thanks

  54. priscillabeth (verified owner)

    Thank you for the fast shipping. I am loving this purple blend!

  55. Melanie (verified owner)

    Red Bali was my favorite but this blend is absolutely superb all around. Definitely a new favorite!!

  56. Chris Brosious (verified owner)

    Relatively new to kratom, and I am trying out different strains for myself and my husband. This one is his favorite! He has been battling the effects of West Nile virus since August 2017, that has effected his central nervous system and gave him meningitis and encephalitis among other things. He spent 3 months in the hospital, and 2 in a nursing home before just coming home in January. He deals with widespread pain, depression, anxiety, muscle weakness and ataxia (post paralysis) in his chest and shoulders which caused him to need a tracheostomy and feeding tube in the hospital. Needless to say, it’s an ongoing battle. This has helped with so many of his issues, and gives him a feeling of calm and happiness, along with drastically reducing his pain. This is a lifesaver for us both, him with his onslaught of ailments, and me as his caregiver. I am also a mom of a 1 year old, and a full-time nurse (with my own autoimmune issues, including RA,) so you have given us a gift. My latest order has been placed today, along with my favorite, red bali, and will continue to trust your products. Sorry for the long message. Thank you again.

  57. Jon Carpenter

    I love the kratom blends and this is one of the best!! It gives you a bit of everything! Dan knocked it outta the park with this one! I hope he comes up with some more blends soon!!!

  58. Deborah Moore

    This is another favorite, I love the way it makes me feel also, like the elephant. This one also on the top of my list. If you like some energy and relaxation at the same time with pain relief this is it.

  59. lcd688991 (verified owner)

    My preference has always been the Greens but I took a chance and ordered the Purple. It is fantastic! I have severe arthritis in both my knees and due to other medical conditions I have been unable to have knee replacement. Without pain relief I can barely walk. The doctors had me on a crap ton of narcotics but the hassle of urine testing, pill counts and over all being treated like a drug addict, was getting old. With kratom I have stopped jumping through the hoops with the doctors and for me, kratom relieves the pain far better then narcotics.
    Like everyone else has mentioned in the reviews, Gaia Ethnobotanical, is the best company I have found with not only the best products but also with the best prices. I am so glad that I discovered this company.

  60. Jen (verified owner)

    Purple is awesome and def my favorite!

    Dan is totally the man! I had issues with shipping and the post office returned my package. I messaged Dan and he immediately sent another package! Thank you man! I appreciate it :)!

  61. Hubert Morris

    Tried this Blend and I can’t say enough great things about it..
    It delivers all the above why I use Kratom categories. Pain relief, over all well being and I don’t take pain killers anymore. This will Probably going to be my Go To when the Pain Sets in.. I can’t thank you enough.

  62. tripper511

    I didn’t know what to expect from this considering it’s a blend of almost all the different types of kratom. However after reading the reviews here and also people mentioning it on reddit I decided to give it a try. I have to say I now fully understand why people rave about it.

    The ratio of the blend basically makes every strain counter-act the side effects of each others. The red strains counter act any tweaked-out over stimulation from the white strains. Yet the white strains counter act the overly sleepy effect of the reds. It really is perfectly balanced!

    I got a full bodied pain relief sensation while also getting mental stimulation that wasn’t over the top. It’s sounds like an oxymoron but it’s almost a calming stimulation. After getting 1 oz I went back and got the 250g package.

  63. madchad74

    Covers a full spectrum of effects. I found one batch to be a bit more stimulating than I prefer. However, when left w/ only this left as an option, it served it’s primary purpose well. I rely on Kratom 24/7 for severe spinal pain, focused too much on analgesia. Dan is the most compassionate, understanding, accomodating business owner I’ve ever had the pleasure to deal with. Lab tests showed it to be a potent choice.

  64. ChickenLady

    This Purple 8-in-1 is my new favorite. When I ran out, I tried to recreate it with a range of whites, reds, greens, and golds I had on hand. It worked, but I’d rather just buy this already made. It’s a good blend for the morning or early afternoon, gives me good energy and pain control. It is too stimulating for me to take in the evening unless I need to stay up all night. My typical dose is 5g mixed with juice.

  65. Soul Rebel

    I picked this up in a sample pack and I am highly impressed.
    It has a decent energy boost but much milder than the whites. I use White Horn for the daytime. Purple is a great in the afternoon or evening as it allows me to relax and has excellent pain management for my neck and back without putting me to sleep. It is also good for anxiety.
    I found I sleep much better with Purple 4 hours before bedtime.
    Excellent blend that everyone should keep in stock.

  66. BigMac882016 (verified owner)

    I love this purple 8 in 1. Very fast shipping they sent it out same day ordered. Got it in 2 days with express shipping, all the way on the west coast. Very impressed feel great. Highly recommend it’s amazing for pain as well. You guys at Gaia Ethnobotanical are awesome! Thank you!

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