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Red vein kratom is very popular for it’s pain relieving properties. It also provides a relaxing and sometimes sedating feeling. It is said to provide more pain relief than the Whites and Greens without the surge of energy they can provide which makes it an all around great strain for the end of the day.

All of our Kratom is ethically harvested in a sustainable manner.
We have the finest Speciosa in the business and each batch is tested for quality control.

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1oz, 250g, 1kg

  1. mykeldoyle

    I work for a supplement and raw material import company, and initially had been checking out Gaia as a potential lead. Being a past user of Kratom, I had noticed how exceptionally reasonable the prices were and decided to purchase 250G of Bali Red–since I was getting such a great deal, I couldn’t pass it up.

    Soon after my order, I received confirmation, and delivery information, which I was moooore than pleased with because it was later in the afternoon and my order was being fulfilled right away; It meant a lot to me that I got the confimations so fast and written with a personal voice. I would definitely rate Gaia with a 11/10 on the customer service and shipping. Fantastic, guys! Keep up the hard work.

    My kratom arrived in 2 days, and I was excited to give it a try. It had been two years since my last experince, and I remember my love affair ending when I had a cheaper brands product and had limited results. 30 minutes after my first dose of Gaia’s Bali Red and I was feeling the best I’ve felt mentally, and physically in recent memory.

    I swear by Kratom now and been able to kick a 200mg/day adderal addiction, i’ve been working toward quitting smoking now, and I feel like my days are lighter, and I know I wouldn’t be doing better for myself and my family if it wasn’t for Kratom. Just took part in the $75/kg deal and am too excited to try out the Plantation White Maeng Da.

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone Gaia Ethnobotanical for any kratom needs. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

  2. Jupiter

    There are so many awesome reviews you would think they were fake, lol. But no joke, HANDS DOWN best supplier I’ve ever ordered from. You guys have my business for life, please don’t ever change! Hiiiigggh quality Kratom, Perfect customer service, notifications throughout the entire process, and it always shows up in 2 f***ing days! I thought i just got lucky the first time, and then second, and then i realized you guys are just f***ing amazing. This Red Bali is off the charts, keep it comin guys

  3. Wesley C

    I’m new to Kratom and have tried a couple of strains but so far this is the best I’ve used for pain relief. I have a herniated disc that can really give me lots of pain at times. After taking the Red Bali, I can feel it take effect and the pain just goes away. By far the best I’ve used thus far at taking away pain without being too sedating. I also feel very relaxed after taking it and overall in a jolly mood. It’s great! Like I said, the best so far for pain, but I will be sampling more.

  4. Corey (verified owner)

    Gaia’s red Bali rocks! My batch is a slightly reddish-tan and very finely ground. Top notch potency! Has a very nice calming, relaxing, soothing, and mood boost effect. I feel very content and centered with this 🙂 thank you!

  5. tlcmel1975 (verified owner)

    I was very pleased at how soon my Red Bali Kratom arrived…in 2 days!! I’m fairly new to Gaia but I’m all about quality, trust and decent prices not to mention fast service. I have tried a few other strains from Gaia and I think because this Red Bali is so good and effective for my chronic pain and mood is why I wasn’t AS pleased with any other strain as of yet. I started buying in a smoke shop and was paying way too much as Gaia’s quality is just as good. For Red Bali I rate 10/10 or as you can see my 5 stars up there.

    • Daniel Bower

      Thank you for the wonderful review. Much love. Dan- GAIA

  6. K (verified owner)

    The go to source for consistent quality and professional service. Always fast shipping.

  7. MadeFromMetal1988 (verified owner)

    This strain is great for opiate withdrawal’s. I am currently quitting a year addiction to Suboxone prescription for Opiate addiction. Red Vein Bali stops WD’s in their track and only takes 3-6g dose.

    I have autoimmune disease and Neurological condition that is causing massive pain, anxiety/panic attacks. Red Vein Bali helps a lot. Almost all pain from withdrawals gone.

    If you like opiates, Red Veins are for you and Bali seems to be the most sedating. You may like to mix greens, yellows and whites with it though to add some energy boost or upper feeling so your not nodding out at work.

  8. 210gcosenza (verified owner)

    Gaia i cant thank you enough, listen customers i have been buying for some time now with Gaia and im always satisfied 100 percent and when i email i always get a response back THIS red bali is by far the best red strain i personally have tried 5 star all day long with this product for sure i use it daily

  9. owlfeather92 (verified owner)

    So far this is my favorite strain for pain relief as well as relaxation and anti-anxiety. Taken in low amounts, it can be mildly stimulating (no more pain, good mood lift, tired and sore muscles gone!) but in higher doses it can be very sedating and calming. It’s kind of a 2-for-1 strain. As someone who was on classic narcotic painkillers for years due to multiple surgeries and chronic pain, this is the BEST non-pharmaceutical pain relief option I have found. Less dangerous long term than OTC pain killers, very cheap, has multiple effects… Only downside is that you can become dependent on kratom, so I would not advise to take it daily for too long. Take breaks now and then so you don’t have to increase your dose too much.

  10. Mike

    High Quality Kratom that arrives in a timely fashion. Tracking number is given within the first 24 hours. Going to be placing another order soon! Mad props on your great store!

  11. TonyTC6

    Geeat company, great pricing and fast shipping. Tjis wasy first time doing Kratom in about a decade. I went with the Kg of Red Bali and maybe I should have went with the Red MD. I don’t know why but it just hasn’t done anything for me. I started wirh 4 gm, nothing of any benefit and then after that 10 gm on an empty stumach and I think I might have felt somerhing but no pain relief or no seepiness. There’s no reason for me to have a tolerance, I’m on no opiates or opioids or any pills for that matter.

    I just purchased a smaller amount and went with the Green MD 250gm and 2oz of the 50x. I’m sure won’t be any issues wirh the 50x, but we will just have to see what happens with the Green MD. With all do respec, I’m hoping for some better luck with the Green MD. Also I’ll be trying some Red MD next and depending on how that goes, I’ll definitely buy a Kg if positive better benefits…

    If none of the regular ground powdered leaf does anything for me, I’ll just have ro hang the boots because of course I won’t be able to afford the 50x every time I purchase…

    But I definitely do appreciate the professionalism of the company, the fast shipping, and the great communications or there wouldn’t be any 2nd, or 3rd Investments or purchases.

    Wish me luck, because I would love to write a very detailed and excellent review…

  12. Joe B

    I’ve purchased from Gaia afew times now and I can now say that this is my go to vendor.

    If you’re on the fence, let me be the guy who tells you to hop it and order.

  13. Breanna

    This was my first experience with kratom. I was excited to see what all the hullabaloo was about and I was absolutely not disappointed. Great customer service and an awesome product. Very excited to try some more!

  14. whollybuger (verified owner)

    I’m a newbie to Kratom. I suffer from a hiatal hernia which has caused an esophagus disorder known as Nutcracker esophagus ( very painful). Most of it is anxiety related and I unfortunately have to take pharms to control, but I also use CBD. When I decided to take CBD, I did a lot of research and found a wonderful vendor. Amazing.
    Lately I started suffering with severe insomnia. I started researching and discovered Kratom and the different health benefits and the sides effects. That is how I discovered your great company. Customer service and shipping is awesome and the product is incredible. The Red Bali works great. Still working on timing and dosage,but sleeping well. The Green Elephant works great as well. The White Plantation will take some getting used to.
    Awesome company and product. Just ordered more Red Bali, some Red Thai, and Gold Bali.
    I need some suggestions for morning strain with energy and mood lift, but no sleepy eyes. Any advice would be great appreciated.

  15. naathyn

    Out of my first sample, This and Gold Bali have been my two keepers! I absolutely love this Red Bali. This is a nice stand-alone strain to use for PM. It has greatly helped me with sleep and pain. Throw in some Gold Bali and you’ve got the perfect PM blend in my opinion!

  16. amberkneubehl (verified owner)

    I get horrible migraines that I have been getting since I was two years old. Even pain killers stopped working for my pain. I am so thankful that this exists. It truly helps me out so much. The Red Bali seems to work best for me for working fast to attack my pain. Dan is amazing with the quality of the product, price, communication, and fast shipping.

  17. 210gcosenza (verified owner)

    Best Red Vein I Have ever tried handsdown best and now the only vendor i trust
    ive been taking kratom for years and gaia (dan) has by far the best product at affordable prices

  18. Jeannette

    I placed my first order …right away I received a email with a newcomer discount….I’ve done exstenstive research to find the BEST vendor, with great customer service, and quality , most of all a product I can trust. …All my research kept coming back to Gaia.
    As the best most trusted company around. So excited as I just placed my order and already received a email that my order has been placed. Dan is a great guy! Very professional and also donates to worthy causes!

  19. littleshelbyr0s3 (verified owner)

    Placed my order late on Monday night; received it around 1030 this AM… I can’t even begin to say enough about how excited I am to have found gaia!!! I was SUPER skeptical, as the prices are so reasonable- thought “probably a sketchy vendor that doesn’t ship for 3-5 minimum, and handles their overall customer service poorly– BUT NOPE!!! Dan was extremely quick with getting my package shipped out… then, I assumed that that meant there had to be a lack of quality in the product itself… WRONG AGAIN!!! This red Bali is actually seemingly better in quality then the last time I got this strain (which was through a different vendor entirely)– as my primary reason to use kratom right now is to get off of all opiates/opioids while still managing my chronic and severe pain, I have found that the red strains are definitely most effective for me as far as that goes. Overall, EXTREMELY HAPPY customer here in CT– for sure my first vendorchoice moving forward! Looking forward to trying other strains & samplers through this company; THANK YOU for being a huge contributing factor in me getting my life back!!!

  20. Misti Hamiton-Friedl

    WOW~ I have found my favorite Red …. ever! Thanks, Gaia….. I’ve been having some wonderful days! Your prices are awesome AND fast shipping and great service!!! Forever a Gaia customer!

  21. ltsecurity (verified owner)

    I have the red bali that I ordered from gaia.
    the product is excellent .
    the smell is right.
    the texture is right
    the color is vivid with no hint of being faded or washed out.
    it tastes fresh. actually my physiology responded to it like it would to a delicious food. the aftertaste is pleasant with a hint of sweetness that floats just beyond the bitterness. the potency is quite good. with a 7 gram dose precisely weighed and mixed with peaches and cream instant oatmeal, transport to the stomach was bitter, yes, but quickly accomplished and not unpleasant at all. I used only water in preparing the oatmeal. it was quite cool and I only used 1/4 cup of it , maybe less. 90 minutes later extreme euphoria is apparent . thank you Gaia, for this red bali. allow me to express my complements on the aesthetics of your website . the communications were professional and the shipment arrived a day early . this product is superior to any that I have purchased locally.

    thank you

  22. Zach (verified owner)

    This is my first time trying any of this, and I’m very happy with my purchase. I received my order in about 4 days, packaging was discreet.

    I mixed with water, and while not tasty, it’s not unbearable. I do have a hard time getting it to incorporate into the water, it always wants to sit on top even when I put it in the cup before the water. Any mixing tips?

    Effectiveness has been great. I start to feel effects within 20 minutes, and I’d say it’s very similar to what I’ve felt while on Percocet in the past. I’ve taken on an empty stomach and haven’t noticed any negative side effects. I was skeptical before ordering, but it really does put me in a euphoric state which definitely helps my minor back pain.

    Would recommend, definitely. – have not tried any other strains.

  23. brreich (verified owner)

    I tried the Bali Red and it is some of the highest quality kratom I’ve ever had. This strain is perfect for relieving anxiety and for easing moderate pain such as muscle aches. Gaia’s prices cannot be beat! I have bought red kratom before for twice the price, and not nearly as good. I highly recommend Gaia!

  24. Bill Fry (verified owner)

    This strain is unbelievable for pain and relaxation, this is my “go to” when the I’m having issues sleeping or when my knees start acting up!! Great customer service as well!!

  25. Gail (verified owner)

    My son has been using your wonderful products for awhile and he feels better. I have a chronic pain condition and he’s been helping me and sharing his. I love this Red Bali for pain. I never thought I’d ever be pain free again. I am when I use this! Thank you Dan! And your products are much better than the other brands I’ve tried. You have a lifetime customer. Now to try some others. I have pain, fatigue and depression. Can’t wait to feel better 😊

  26. Tam (verified owner)

    This strain worked so good for me when I was sick. I tried other strains but this one was the only one that helped. I tried some whites and greens but they made me feel worse while I was ill. I need to keep on hand for sick days and to relax me. Thanks Gaia for a great product and amazing service. I usually ge my order in 2 days.

  27. Mike (verified owner)

    Phenomenal. I began using kratom very recently to manage severe chronic pain due to a herniated disc and pinched nerve in my back. I’ve been prescribed opiate pain medication for the condition for some time and began to look at kratom as an alternative when i began to feel myself developing a dependency. The Red Bali is hands down the best strain I’ve found for pain management. Small to medium doses are excellent for management of moderate to severe pain throughout the day. Higher doses have a mildly seating effect that is very pleasant at the end of the day. After recieving my order i discontinued use of prescription meds with little to no withdrawl symptoms and on my day to day feel as good if not better in terms of chronic pain and overall wellbeing. This to me, is an absolute miracle that I’m able to maintain a reasonable quality of life and sense of well being without dependency on harmful medications. I would highly recommend this strain, and vendor for people looking to make an easy switch from prescription pain medication to a natural alternative without unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. I would also imagine this strain would work very well as an aide for people looking to kick a heavier opiate habit/addiction (no judgement from this corner… it’s an epidemic that affects people of all walks of life) After a little research I decided to order through Gaia for my first bulk order. Could not be happier with the decision. The transaction could not have gone smoother and everything arrived in a very timely manner.

  28. rwqy (verified owner)

    Ordered 250g Red Bali twice now, and so far it’s easily my fav (I’ve tried Maeng Da and some whites). Eases my opiate withdrawal tremendously. Definitely recommend. Gaia has always been top notch. Even get a discount when ordering with BTC. 10/10

  29. jhensley857

    I cannot say enough about this strain! This Red has helped me more than any other Red … EVER! Thanks, Gaia! Your Red Bali enables me to get my day going.. and it’s long lasting! The quality cannot be beaten, fast shipping and the best customer service!

  30. kyle.gibboney (verified owner)

    Red Bali might be my favorite strain. In my first order I only ordered 2 oz of it. I just ordered another 250g of it. I believe it to have the most opiate like effects. Very relaxing and the most euphoric strain I have tried. Mixing it with Bali Gold is a nice way to feel the good effects and also get some energy. This website is BY FAR the best way to purchase kratom. Best prices, best quality, and always reliable. Highly recommend this website and this strain.

  31. Jay.w.see613 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried alot of kratom in the is and gaias red and gold Bali take the cake on relaxing/sedating/euphoric Burns. Prices, customer service, all of it is exceptional at Gaia ethnobotanical! Looking forward to ordering some whites and greens from them as well. Perhaps a blend or two. Thank you Gaia. Kratom gave me my life back!

  32. Eugenio Diaz

    The red Bali is amazing works Everytime Gaia is my one and only vendor highly recommend it

  33. Blackhawk82 (verified owner)

    I have used kratom from other places, but here it seems like every kratom I’ve tried has been exceptional. I have been using Hydrocodone for my MS pain for a few years, but it made me feel empty and agitated. My doctors also prescribed me Adderall for fatigue, but it made me anxious. My wife was starting to fear me and my kids were scared of me. Kratom has been a life saver I’m up and moving and clear minded and I’m a much happier person. My relationships with my family is better than ever. I feel like me again.
    The Red Bali is one of my favorites. Red Bali gives me that pain relief with enough energy to get through the day. I’m excited to try the other strains.

  34. diamedicine (verified owner)

    Very potent strain. Elimated methadone withdrawal completly and gave me my life back. Great for sleep wd symptoms and pain relief. I can not recomend this strain or company enough.

  35. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Red Bali is amazing!!! I’ve had 2 back surgeries in the last 2 years. I just discovered kratom a couple of months ago and am now completely off pharmaceuticals. Kratom has replaced tramadol, gabapentin, and an assortment of muscle relaxers. I’m also able to sleep well again without feeling hungover from medication. Fine quality, affordable, fast delivery– excellent customer service. Thank you!!!

  36. James Haley (verified owner)

    Great product,price and fast shipping. Red Bali is a real good product this the second order and was just as good as the last. I will order again

  37. rainahyatt

    The Red Bali saved me from withdrawals and the detox process tremendously. I have an autoimmune disease and pain is my normal. I’ve self detoxed a few times just to get a grip on the true pain without the opiates, and it was always hell. But since trying kratom I almost cried when the effects took hold, I am amazed how good I feel with no opiates. It really is a wonderful plant. Thank you so much. There is hope. 🍃

  38. Jayson Peace (verified owner)

    Just received this Red Bali in the mail today, I’m very impressed with the fast shipping. I ordered it late Friday night and received it bright and early Monday morning! I use kratom for anxiety purposes and so far this strain has me feeling very calm and relaxed. I’m about 4 hours into my first dose, and it’s also helped a lot with the pain in my shoulders and wrist. With this being my first purchase from this site I’m Overall very impressed with Gaia.

  39. Coolhuh85

    The red bali is my second go to along with gold bali. It helps with pain and ptsd, great store also… I can’t wait to gather enough money to place a bulk order of this stuff 🙂 good job Daniel for your awsome support

  40. GravyStainOnMyShirt (verified owner)

    This red bali is one of my favorites on this site. Relaxation is about a 9, euphoria is a 9, energy a 6, legs/length is 9. By far a night time if u burn heavy amounts. Overall a solid 9 of 10 in my book, absolutely love it. Im familiar with many distributors, happyhippoherbals used to be my favorite but there products tend to get wobbly before euphoria but gaias strands will get euphoric way before any wobbles. No jitters with this strain whatsoever.

  41. James Chaney (verified owner)

    Red Bali is one of my favorites. I like the whites and greens for the day but I love this strain once I get off work after being on my feet all day. Really relaxed and good mood. Just can’t take too often.

    I’ve been ordering off Gaia for the last 8 months or so. The reviews kind of seemed fake to me because they we’re all too positive and the prices seemed too good to be true, but I’ve been pretty happy overall.

  42. Trent Tucker

    This is my first time trying kratom so all I can say is i hope it do what I need it to do

  43. dwgamble (verified owner)

    I like to use reds mostly at night, to help me relax and get to sleep. No matter what red vein kratom I try, I always come back to red Bali. There’s no better strain for relaxation than this right here! Pair it with a good green strain for a nice mood boost as well.

  44. Jamie_sheville2000 (verified owner)

    Been a Kratom user for a few years and this is by far the best Kratom I have came across. The customer service is excellent. We had a little confusion on my order but Dan was quick to fix it. Have zero complaints for this vendor. I am a new customer to Gaia Ethnobotanical but will be a lifelong one now. You can’t beat the price along with the quality here. Best around for sure.

  45. Emily D (verified owner)

    I purchased two bags of Red Bali (250mg) and only received one in the mail. I emailed the company and the owner, Danny, got back to me within an hour apologizing. He immediately resolved the situation to my complete satisfaction. I’m so relieved because I suffer from a rare genetic disorder and this Kratom is one of the only things that helps regulate my pain. Thanks Gaia!

  46. raiderm2010 (verified owner)

    Great for pain. Me and my wife were wasting our money on headshop kratom and I’m so glad we came across this website it’s great quality at an affordable price so bye bye headshop kratom. They also have great customer service and fast shipping. Keep up the great work guys.

  47. Tman

    A+++* customerservice. From order to at my door step 2 dam days!!!
    Prices are so great I ordered a kg thinking it was a miss print and I’ll be damn a giant bag of green goodness showed up on my door step!
    Haven’t tried yet but looks and smell legit!

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