Red Dragon

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Kratom/Mitragyna Speciosa Blend of RMD and WMD. Available in: 1oz, 250g and 1kg.


Our proprietary blend of the finest Red Maeng Da and White Maeng Da speciosa.

All of our Kratom is ethically harvested in a sustainable manner.
We have the finest Speciosa in the business and each batch is tested for quality control.

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1oz, 250g, 1kg

  1. drauchm (verified owner)

    Even if you don’t like the typical red varieties, don’t let that stop you from trying this great blend! This has been my “go-to” variety for some time. It seems to retain the best qualities of both the white and red strains. Highly recommended!

  2. Dennis

    Just saw this product, I normally mix my red and white together for both the energy and pain relieving it provides, this is going to be on my next order, thank you for a great product

  3. Geoff

    The brother of Green dragon, Red dragon has a very potent mood enhancing effect without the “stimulant” feeling that green dragon can give you. If you’re like me and have had anxiety from stimulant strains before, but don’t want an “end of the day” blend, Red dragon is what you’re looking for. The very enjoyable sedation overwhelms the energy boost, but the energy boost is still provided. The body feel of this blend is far superior to anything else I’ve tried. No anxiety, no drowsiness. Can definitely help with light-moderate pain as well. There’s no need to mix blends to try and find your favorite anymore, you’ve just found it. It makes me feel incredible and greatly lowers my anxiety levels to zero, where as I normally have to take prescription medicine for anxiety. This blend works just as well as my medicine.
    Thanks for reading my story, give my favorite blend a try!

  4. travisbrown001 (verified owner)

    Red dragon is by far one of the best strains out there I personally deal with degenerative spine disease on a daily basis my pain is out of 10 I was on Suboxone and found out the being on Suboxone to get off the painkillers is worse than being on the painkillers friend of mine with cancer started taking Kratom and it saved his life because he no longer took the medications that they were prescribing him that were killing him the oxycontin’s the roxies a lot of his morphine and he took straight kratom two years later his cancer was gone for me personally I wake up in the morning I can barely get out of bed first thing I do is take my Kratom within an hour if that usually 30 minutes I’m able to get dressed take a shower walk get ready for work and have a productive day it’s not overwhelming it’s for giving if you take too much I’ve never had any nausea or stomach issues with this strain enough tried the greens the whites the Blends this is by far for pain and relaxation but still alert and able to function normally the best strain there is the quality is absolutely magnificent I highly recommend this and if you are like me and you live a life of pain I really highly recommend this as a pain reducer you can take it three times a day if you need to at a mid-level to lower dose and you will feel the difference Tylenol ibuprofen and all the rest of the pharmaceutical drugs that literally are designed to kill you on a molecular level don’t work near as good as any Kratom especially the Red Dragon good luck in your endeavors

  5. Jeff (verified owner)

    The Red Dragon has been a big asset to me and I have a couple of family members taking it, one with hip pain and the other with high neck pain and severe headaches. It has helped both of them tremendously and now they have become regular Kratom users, and have started purchasing here. Thanks to Jeff for introducing me to this wonderful herbal supplement, and to Dan for having a great site.

  6. Jeff (verified owner)

    I am a retired career Fire Captain having to retire early due to a OTJ back injury. I have had two back surgeries. One simple the other a fusion and facing another. Being on oxycodone, for over a year, being tried on many others as well including OxyContin, which I could not tolerate, but I was tired of being on meds all the time. this has been for over a 14 year period. I was introduced into the world of Kratom. Red Dragon has helped me greatly. I have only had to take 1/2 of an oxy, in almost a month and a half. Kratom has been a great relief for me I feel like someone again, and the Red Dragon is my go to, to get relief from the severe pain, and also having degenerative back disease. The quality is great, delivery is great and fresh. Thanks to Gaia and Dan for their wonderful product and great customer service.

  7. Papayacat1 (verified owner)

    Perfect blend of energy and pain relief. Thank you!

  8. nifty413 (verified owner)

    As others have responded, this mix is excellent in every way and for every need. It’s currently my favorite!

  9. Misti H

    This is the BEST strain ever for those who are partial to Reds, but need the energy as well! I had so much energy, wow! I wouldn’t suggest taking this one at night! lol! Thanks, Gaia! I have found my go-to day strain! I’m invincible with Red Dragon!

  10. Neal Chevrier (verified owner)

    For those not getting enough pain relief, This is the answer. Nice even energy through the day with the best help for pain. You won’t be disappointed.
    Thank You Daniel.

  11. Papayacat1 (verified owner)

    The best by far! No other vendor has this perfect blend! SO glad you’re finally back, I was going broke trying to replicate this blend, without success.

  12. Justin

    Excellent, excellent blend. Great to burn while youre drinking your morning coffee. Or playing music in the afternoon. Or chilling with family in the evening. Or at bedtime. Not too heavy of an aroma, so you can rock out everything you still need to do. Great stuff.

    Los Cinco el starros.

  13. pdarlene.davis

    This is my evening go to. Gives me the pain relief that I need with just enough relaxation that allows me to sleep VERY well. I don’t wake up in the morning feeling strung out and hung over like I always did when I was having to take opiate pain meds. I can also take Red Dragon during the day, in a smaller dose, without being overly sleepy. To me this is a great blend. Love it.

  14. soulrebelmarley

    I have been mixing Red Thai and White Horn for the past few months for a late afternoon, early evening blend. Great balance of energy, pain management, and mood elevation. 2 Grams of White Horn and 1 Gram of the Red Thai.
    I decided to give this Red Dragon blend a try in the last sampler I ordered and I am extremely impressed.
    at 3-3.5 Gram doses, the balance is amazing!
    Very relaxing and chill, but none of the sedating foggy head feeling. Clears your mind right up and allows you to still focus and have the energy to get things done… with a smile on your face to boot!
    I would definitely recommend this one for anyone looking for more of a relaxed yet mentally stimulating strain.
    I will occasionally add a Gram of White Horn if I want a more relaxing dose in the earlier part of the day but still need a kick in the butt.
    Either way, RD by itself is a very well balanced blend on it’s own. Great job as always GAIA!

  15. Mandee

    I’m on day 23 off subs ! I’m so grateful to have finally helped me get off a 7 year habit. To me this is the world I love it

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