Red MD

From: $5.00

Available in: 1oz, 250g and 1kg


Maeng Da is translated to “pimp grade” and it typically originates from Thailand. Maeng Da kratom usually has a higher concentration of alkaloids making it more suitable to experienced connoisseurs.

Red vein kratom is very popular for it’s pain relieving properties. It also provides a relaxing and sometimes sedating feeling. It is said to provide more pain relief than the Whites and Greens without the surge of energy they can provide which makes it an all around great strain for the end of the day.

All of our Kratom is ethically harvested in a sustainable manner.
We have the finest Speciosa in the business and each batch is tested for quality control.

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1oz, 250g, 1kg

  1. jonohoff (verified owner)

    This place is fantastic! Great communication and great product at a great price! Thank you! I like the red for near-bed-time. The green and white are too stimulating for anytime after about 7pm. If you want to enjoy kratom after that time of night, get yourself a bag of Gaia’s red MD!

  2. Forrestmw (verified owner)

    This is my go-to Kratom from my go-to vendor. Super fast shipping is one of my favorite parts of ordering from them, its never been over 2 days in almost a year of making purchases of kilos and less. Great price for the quality, Ive never had any foreign objects inside of my Kratom and it comes double sealed. I am forever a costumer!

  3. Kaydon (verified owner)

    This strain is fantastic! The first time I was ever able to experience effects from Kratom. Great shipping speed and very reliable vendor.

  4. jae.wolfmutt (verified owner)

    Awesome Red MD! And! order came earlier than expected! Thank you!

  5. pinkelton3rd (verified owner)

    Received my order today, found my new vendor! thank you!

  6. KratomRoxMe

    Very good Red A+ Will order more.

  7. Barry C Newkirk Sr (verified owner)

    I have been getting the 2000 caps. No mess easy to use. Save time and get the best !!!!

  8. packageshelper (verified owner)

    Is there a magic number on how much to use to get the sedation effect?

  9. misterlen1 (verified owner)

    i’m just getting over a bad neck pinch and always suffer with back pain.the red md works awesome .without getting me wired you guys

  10. Ttttttttttmmmmmmm (verified owner)

    Best out hands down

  11. onyxxx (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this strain! I am still pretty new to the Kratom community, and you guys are the first online vendor I have tried. This Red MD was very pleasant, it takes my leg pain completely away and gives me enough energy to do chores around the house. I am very happy with the 2 strains I have tried so far from this site! Can’t wait to order more! 🙂

  12. Hunter Frith (verified owner)

    GaiaEthnobotanical is a wholesome, fair trade company with integrity. The personnel are honest, kind, professional, responsive, and a pleasure to deal with. The prices are very reasonable, especially considering the quality and consistency. The red maeng da is among the best I’ve ever had and that’s coming from a two-year kratom connoisseur.

  13. Jeff

    Me and my step dad got our first order in and we’re gaiae for life now really love this company and hope they stick around forever 🙂 i just really love you guys

  14. Mike M. ( Gaia Customer 4 life!!! ) (verified owner)

    Always a dependable strain and even more dependable vendor. I have come to trust Gaia. And the owner Dan is just a down right good person. Glad to be a Gaia customer for life. Gaia has earned my loyalty. If you’re a new customer looking for a trust worthy vendor I can promise you that you can’t go wrong with Gaia. Go ahead and place an order for yourself. As a customer who has tested out dozens of vendors over the years I can give you my word that you will be satisfied with Gaia. Do not let the low prices fool you into thinking the quality is low. I have paid twice the price for Kratom not even half as good. It’s also really difficult to find the consistency of quality that Gaia provides. Gaia sells a huge range of samples at a great price. The reason they sell these samples is because they have the utmost confidence in their products. Go ahead and look around at other websites and you will not see other vendors doing this. Now ask yourself why other vendors do not sell inexpensive samples of all their products. I will be 100% honest in that I have sampled every strain at Gaia. And even the strains I didn’t enjoy as much where still far superior to most other vendors. Gaia is hands down one of the best Kratom vendors out. Place 1 simple test order and experience the Gaia difference. There is a reason I’m a Gaia customer for life. I know you will agree if you give them a try. So do it already!! Pull the trigger, place an order and never look back.

  15. Sean (verified owner)

    I’m extremely satisfied with both the quality of the product and of the service .I was hesitant and in disbelief at first because of there price and lack of negative comments but its all true ! If your looking to save money without losing quality this is the place for you!

  16. summerlynn11610 (verified owner)

    Best quality of Kratom that I have ever bought hands down! I would highly recommend this to anyone who purchases red md. Not only do you get good quality, you get quantity for an amazing price! I will be a forever customer here at Gaia! They are also very good with communication, and resolving any issues that you may have when it comes to your orders. Five stars all the way!

  17. arphillips86 (verified owner)

    This is my first time ordering here and I honestly thought because the prices are so low that it might not be great quality… well I was wrong! I ordered the red MD and it works great for pain relief and anxiety plus makes me feel all happy! The ordering process was very easy and you literally can’t beat the pricing! The kratom actually seemed better then other sites I’ve ordered from. I won’t order from anywhere else now that I found gaiae

  18. Thomasrotella (verified owner)

    Along with a few other strains I recently ordered this is in my top 3 strains from gaia. Its a very energizing strain for a red, gives you quite the mood boost, and on top of all that its one of the best for pain. You can definitely switch up your routine and make it great for in the morning or the evening. On top of the quality of Dans products the shipping is amazing and he will even personally respond to any questions that you may have. I pretty much only order from gaia now. I’ve never gotten a bad batch, always exceptionally great quality with gaia.

  19. wjckc79 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains. When I say it is energizing, I would put it at about 75% of White Thai’s energizing effects, but also a bit more mentally relaxing. If you like energizing strains, you will want to give this a try. It is also especially good for aches and pains.

  20. beccandr

    After a year of using pharmaceuticals for pain management, I have not only stopped all of them, I’m able to manage my pain with Red MD! GAIA has high quality products, the absolute lowest prices, and the best customer service! I can not recommend them highly enough!

  21. Rich (verified owner)

    Red MD helps with my mood swings. My wife brought my mood swings to my attention. Heard about kratom and ordered some to try. My mood does a 180 degree turn around every time i take it. This place has the best prices anywhere. From what i have seen gaia charges half of what other vendors charge. The quality is consistant. They care more about getting this product to the people than making money in my opinion. Thank you gaia! You help to change my marriage and my life.

  22. benjaminrichey (verified owner)

    Like another reviewer said, the RMD was the first strain I started to feel the amazing and positive effects from Kratom. Gaia’s RMD is on the top shelf for AAA kratom. Its perfect for cleaning around the house and having an upbeat attitude for work while also an excellent strain for reducing pain and relaxing. This Maeng Da is definitely different than all other Red Strains and I love it for being so unique. I like to mix this with Gold Bali and Green Horn. I haven’t tried a white strain yet but am sure you could mix the RMD with positive results.

    I have to give Dan a shout because he is the example of great customer service. He answers all my questions and just is a great person in general. I always get my packages super quick and love the samples he gives which is unheard of with the super low prices. If you haven’t ordered from Gaia yet I’m giving you 100% confidence that you will be taken care of with the best quality and exceptional customer service.

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