Red Thai

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Available in: 1oz, 250g and 1kg

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Exceptional quality Thai kratom.

Red vein kratom is very popular for it’s pain relieving properties. It also provides a relaxing and sometimes sedating feeling. It is said to provide more pain relief than the Whites and Greens without the surge of energy they can provide which makes it an all around great strain for the end of the day.

All of our Kratom is ethically harvested in a sustainable manner.
We have the finest Speciosa in the business and each batch is tested for quality control.

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1oz, 250g, 1kg

  1. bill (verified owner)

    I just got this one and I am still working on rating but it has good enough to say I would buy it again. At this price I can’ t go wrong. You guys are the best site and I order a great variety of kratom like I would in a candy store.

  2. John

    This was my first strain to try and after trying several others, none has really lived up to this. It’s my favorite.

  3. Corey (verified owner)

    Red Thai is my favorite and Gaia’s is the most satisfying I have had yet! Color is a dark tan with slight red hints but barely any trace of green, looks like a really great red 🙂 potency has been more than expected and has the best “Thai” feel to me. I experience soothing warmth, loosening of tension, highly lifted spirits, and beautiful contentment while feeling able to overcome any obstacle of the day! Really helps me with anxiety/depression 🙂 thank you 😊

  4. Joseph Victors

    This is a mid range red that is more balanced than some of the others. It’s not the most sedating while also not being the most energetic. I consider it a middle of the road red, but it can be blended well with whites/greens for a very smooth energetic feeling. I also blend it with the more sedating reds at night: bali, borneo, hulu, etc. It’s not my favorite strain, but never fails to get the job done.

  5. quirky_rikku (verified owner)

    Red Thai helps me more with pain than anything! I have fibromyalgia and tons of annoying nerve sensations all over my body in conjunction with pain. Frequently I would be so uncomfortable I can’t sleep. With Gaia’s Red Thai, I feel serene, and the annoying nerve sensations disappear as well as my chronic pain. This is a wonderful “chill” strain. My body just relaxes. Overwelming calmness. And then if I feel like getting up to do something, I could. But I enjoy the “zen” so much that I don’t ha! As for Gaia, I have done several orders and have never been disappointed with shipping time! I love how I can get my order within the same week I order it. I will be a Gaia customer for life. Kratom on!

  6. K.eric

    Good experience with the red Thai.. going to purchase again this particular strain because of the good quality experience, it doesn’t have the funky bitter taste.. I was looking for honest to God people, with honest product.. I found them…thank you Gaia

  7. onyxxx (verified owner)

    This strain is great for my pain and very energetic. More energetic than Red MD, in my opinion. Personal favorite!

  8. Jeffery Dye

    I as well like this product. The red thai is what seems just smooth aroma . No mess thanks,GAIA sales service the best.

  9. Jeffery Dye

    I as well like this product. The red thai is what seems just smooth aroma . No mess thanks,GAIA sales service the best. Oh and try the other blends, 50x the black lol and white dragon, you will love that. Jeff Dye Farms and proud to support you all.

  10. Nicole (verified owner)

    The Red Vein Thai and Red Vein Bali are both excellent quality. I have chronic fibromyalgia and neuropathy and both these strains help me tremendously. Gaia has a new customer for life because they have a great product without gougeing prices!

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